• Charge From 0% to 100% In 15 Minutes

This is the magic of the BoltzPro. Equipped with Battery Synthesis Technology and QC 3.0 technology – the most advanced charging system available. It’s 10x faster than regular chargers on the market, and it can charge multiple devices all at once.

  • Reverse Battery Aging & Damage

The BoltzPro’s integrated smart circuits are designed to monitor the charging performance of your battery. It will automatically stop charging once your battery is fully charged. This mechanism reverses the aging process of your battery and heals past damage. The BoltzPro is equipped with a proprietary cooling system to maintain a cool, healthy temperature to keep your devices safe and protected.

  • Compatible with Apple® and Android™ devices

Compatible with all leading mobile devices iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Google, ZTE, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Sony, OnePlus.

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🛒 ​Stock is Limited: 3,790+ sold out of 4,000 units available!

The Amazing Ultra-Fast Charger


The BoltzPro ultra-fast charger will charge any device with a USB cable, even fast-charge devices from older generations. Simply plug in the USB cord into the port and Intelligent Current Recognition will identify your device and deliver just the right amount of power.

Never Be Stuck With a Slow Charge Ever Again



The mobile device charger that will supercharge any USB device on the spot and takes good care of your battery. The BoltzPro is the perfect tech companion to prevent and reverse battery damage and charge quickly on the go!

The BoltzPro is lightweight and fits in any standard US outlet! Easily plug in all your devices. Never be stuck with a slow charge when you need it most. Never worry about damaged batteries from normal chargers ever again!

So small yet so powerful, the secret is BoltzPro's built-in Battery Synthesis Technology with QC 3.0 and Intelligent Circuit Recognition capabilities that delivers instant power and protects your devices. Perfect for every room in the house to always have a charge handy!

Feature and Benefits

  • Charge From 0% to 100% In 15 Minutes

  • Reverse Battery Aging & Damage

  • Compact & Portable Design

  • Durable Shockproof Cover

  • Compatible with Apple® and Android™ devices

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What People Are Saying About BoltzPro®​

Stephen L.

I was honestly super impressed with the quality of this thing. It’s really light, but seems strong. Most importantly, my phone doesn’t even get hot after it’s been charging overnight. If you have an expensive smartphone, you’ve got to try it.

Gerardo McMiller

I use the BoltzPro for my Samsung A70 and it works super, super well. My son has an iPhone and we charge that one at the same time. Overall, this is incredibly convenient and versatile. Once you start using it, you’ll be thrilled to throw away all of your old, junky chargers!

Gary Woodward

I have a QC 3.0 device as well as two QC 2.0. I heard you can fast-charge them all at once, but I was worried about overheating. Turns out there was nothing to worry about! The charger does everything it says it does, and more. I love it.


1. How does it work?
The BoltzPro plugs right into your device and releases unprecedented power to give your device a powerful charge in just 15 minutes while protecting your battery’s internal systems.
2. What does it come with?
The BoltzPro comes as-is with an award-winning shockproof exterior and next-generation charging technology.
3. How big is the BoltzPro?
The BoltzPro is the size of two standard iPhone chargers, but packs 10x the power to give you more bang for your buck.
4.How much time does the BoltzPro take to charge my devices?
The BoltzPro is capable of charging a fast-charge device in 15 minutes
On a single charge, Power Pod™ will provide just over 2 hours of emergency power.
5. Compatible with:
The BoltzPro is compatible with any device that uses a USB cable to charge!